Project Funding

Exclusive Access Trading 805 was formed as a collective efforts of great individuals who sought to provide solutions to the most challenging infrastructural development and afford funding; easily accessible for the developing countries especially in Africa. The company’s “know-how” and capacity “to put together road-maps, construct a formidable teams of specialist with vast experience, up to date knowledge and skills to conceptualize projects, develop a tailor-made funding model, organizing project construction and management; echoes in various quarter since its formation.

We first study the projects seeking for funding then we develop a custom tailored alternative and sustainable financing model that helps provide a sustainable financing for the projects subject to its draw down schedule. In respect of public projects, we relieve nations of aggravating the sovereign debt and by using the available limited asset base-grown exponentially internally in proportion to project development needs.

In respect of private sector projects, we use the limited capital base available and create a seed fund in a blocked client’s account and help to measure up a draw down of funds on an underlying asset. The system works by way of establishing a private sector led Capital Projects Fund. The shares are taken over by the parties that contribute to the fund.

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