The company has created clients and partners portfolio that would contribute to a well-structured and secure formula whose purpose is to create more employment opportunities for the local population and to restore human dignity. The company has identified and formed various relationships with local mines, community based mining co-operations and various local governments across Africa for the purposes of  Properly securing the mineral assets and Equal distributions of resources and projects in these regions.

The mining communities continue to collect mineral for the above exercise and has given Exclusive Access Trading authorization to set a capital fund to ensure implementation of community based projects such as Medical centers, Education facilities, Agricultural development, Infrastructure etc., to boost the quality of community livelihood, create jobs and to stimulate their economies.

The mining co-operations are duly licensed and lawfully compliant trading companies in different countries of Africa with verifiable mines and certification of mining and trading in gold Dore, Bullion or Rough Diamond. Exclusive Access enters in a project financing contract ready, willing and able to assist in setting up the above commodities under the internationally accepted terms and conditions that would result to a successful capital setup for the various projects.

Our main objective is to turn these minerals into assets that can be used to fund various projects purposed to enhance value to these communities.

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