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EAT Projects is working alongside top ranked, most credible and successful Project and Construction Management companies with vast areas of focus both in South Africa and around the world involved in volumes of projects in different nations. The company is focused on unlocking value in strategic projects and giving a perfect touch to enhance a maximum profit.

The company is registered in South Africa but involved in several countries around Africa with different projects from mixed used housing projects, Airports, power generation and distribution, railways, subways, sugar plants and projects, roads, pipelines and others. We are currently involved in building Ultra Modern referral Hospitals, universities,housing development on a 29,000 acres of land, airports, pipelines, hydro projects, cities planning and constructing ,integrated agricultural models to ensure food security and arranging various financing for strategic projects around Africa. Exclusive Access Trading has successfully engaged an array of highly specialized projects companies in the world which has cemented our reputation as one of the leading integration project company in the region, packaging both strategic projects, expertise and favorable financial models to ensure success in the region.

Solutions for funding and projects implementations from housing developments, city planning, mining, energy, constructions, roads and rails, ports and airports and commercial farming.


Chief Executive Officer

DR FREDERICK AGUTU has long standing experience in alternative project funding, project management, Advisory /consultancy services and motivational speaking internationally. He has served at high level representations for the most credible financial and government institutions. His wealth of experience has enabled him to associate with several corporations non– governmental bodies and government to secure the most affordable and innovative project funding products from various international platforms.

He has taken lead positions in various organizational boards of various levels tackling challenges and inventing pathways as an optimum thought leader in solutions to achieve new methods and successes, proper investment strategies and developments models globally. He is greatly networked with multiple financial portfolios, high level experiences and skills both in corporate and financial worlds.

Dr. Fredrick serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company

Chief Operating Officer

MR MALCOLM SCHRIKKER has very strong business acumen, public relational skills and is an effective business communicator. He boasts decades of business experience in scarce skills industries. He has extensive academic and work experience in the areas of sales and marketing. He pioneered a high level security printing business and explored other business ventures, as technological advancements continued to transform the nature of the printing business environment. He has consulted for various high value companies and institutions around S.A.D.A.C.. His extensive business experience that enables him to spearhead and stimulate corporate marketing as well as effectively run the day to day operations and logistics of the company, as Chief Operations Officer

Chief Finance Officer

MR. ANTHONY WILLIAMS is an entrepreneurial trendsetter and wealth creator. He spear heads several successful and profitable businesses. His hands on approach has enabled him to understand and drive good financial management as well as effective corporate governance. He is business experience extends to a vast number of areas such as building and construction, sales and marketing, government tendering, training and commodity sales. His passion for serving his community has also inspired him to complete N.P.O. Project Management at Stellenbosch Business School.

He serves in several leadership positions, both of a corporate and social nature; Chairperson of the Early Childhood Development in ward 17, Chairperson of the Oostenberg Community Consultative Forum and C.L.O. on various Housing Projects.

Anthony Serves as Chief Finance Officer for the company


DR. RUBEN RICHARDS has great experience both on fabrics that build a nation from rubble and negotiations around the globe. His experience is recognized in the fabric of south Africa having played a very great role in Mediation talks that reunited the country resulting in a great peace cohesion. Former CEO Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Director-General of the Scorpions, has qualifications in engineering, sociology and Theology.

He served an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner and went on to become CEO of Globe Engineering. He has extensive experience in top-level management and the academic world. He has also served as a consultant for the United Nations.

Dr. Ruben serves the company as a Lead Project Manager and a High Level Spokes-person

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